Love is All Around…


Love.  It’s a word that means so many things to so many people. Love is hard to define.  It would take every piece of paper ever made to write all the different things that love means to all of the different people that exist on our planet. 

Love is to feel warmth, kindness, compassion, empathy and trust for another.  Love is all encompassing, smoothing over sins and discretions.  Love is a feeling that exists within all creatures.  Love is all around.

Perhaps the strongest love that exists is the love a mother feels for her child.  It is said that no one will love you like your mother and each year that I live, I find this to be true.  This love, between mother and child, is unbreakable no matter how hard the child tries to test the bond.  No matter how many rules they smash, or how deviant they live, or how they may harm another, the love their mother feels towards them is so deep and true, it is almost indescribable. 

So to for the child; no matter how many times their mother has hurt them, their heart always opens at the site of her.  A mother can abuse her child, physically, mentally, spiritually and the child will still love her like no other.   This love is perhaps the most indestructible thing that survives in our existence. 

Love can be effortless and chosen like the love between friends.  I find this to be a sacred love that feels like no other.  This love is flexible because everyone knows that friends come and go.  Humans are more willing to hold this love as fluid, prepared from the beginning that one day it may end.  The love one feels for a friend however, does allows for a deep connection.  It also opens the door for secrets to be revealed and sharing to occur.  Of course it wouldn’t be a proper friendship if it weren’t also filled with fun and joy.  The simplicity of friendship brings with it a splendid lightheartedness that does not often exists in the other forms of love. 

Songs have been written about love. “All you need is love” according to John Lennon or perhaps “love has caused my heart to break and it will never heal” sings the old country crooner.  Books have been written about love: poetry and novels; short stories and spiritual texts.  Love is all around.  Plays have been written about it; Romeo and Juliet. Operas like Madame Butterfly that make the heart cry and leave one asking, “…is that really love?”   

There is romantic love.  According to The New Oxford American Dictionary, one definition of romance is; a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.  This same dictionary gives the following definition for love; an intense feeling of deep affection.  Reading these definitions, who wouldn’t want romantic love?  Who wouldn’t want to love someone with so much depth, excitement, intensity and mystery that they would be willing to die to stay together for eternity?  With the divorce rate being what it is, perhaps too many have gotten married because of the myth that shrouds this kind of love.  There is a whole day devoted to this idea of romantic love; Valentines Day.  Cards are out in force at the local drugstore ready to jump off the shelves and find themselves in the hands of loved recipients.  Boxes of chocolate and stuffed animals lined up like soldiers for love in these same drugstores, all given in the name and promise of romantic love. 

There is love wrapped in intimacy like you might find in a marriage or partnership.  One in which loyalty and devotion to each other has been committed and glimpses of all the other loves are interwoven throughout the partnership like a fine thread holding a delicate garment together.  This love can be broken in a heartbeat.  One partner makes a decision that can change the relationship forever.  Perhaps their loyalty and devotion wavered for a moment in time, forcing the other partner to decide how and if they want to continue to love.  Intimate love can also last a lifetime, becoming the elderly couple, walking hand in hand along the seashore together, parting only at death, or perhaps like Romeo and Juliet, together for eternity.

There is tough love: putting up boundaries and rules with someone who has continually taken advantage of one’s love.  Finally one day, they’ve had enough and say “stop” to the love abuser.  The locks are changed; keys get taken away; money no longer given.  This is tough and it is love.  The love giver disappearing, their actions saying, “Enough, there is no more love”.

Love does not always come with such big actions.  It can be as small as opening the door for another or smiling at a stranger.  Love can be dropping spare change into the red Salvation Army buckets at Christmas or buying a homeless person lunch.  It is the kind word said to the person having a bad day.

Love is limitless.  It is big and small.  It is all around everyone and everything.  It is within us all and what makes life worth living.  Love is life and life is love and love…is all around. 

5 Ways To Be Happier Today!

Happy Place     5 Ways to be Happier Today!

  1.  Smile:  Smiling has positive physiological effects on our brain that, if done enough, can create long lasting, affirmative changes.  
  2. Express Gratitude: It can be as small as saying “Thank you” to someone or listing 3 things for which you are grateful.  Gratitude is solidly linked to better health, relationships, ability to handle adversity and overall positive emotions.
  3. Help another person:  Volunteering to help others has been shown to improve one’s self-esteem, allow pathways for personal development and provide community.
  4. Exercise:  Through physical movement, Dopamine “the happy chemical” is released in our brains, our immune system strengthens and our ability to handle stress increases.  All excellent reasons to exercise and discover more pathways to happiness!
  5. Decide to be happier:  While we all have a “Happiness Set Point”, this point can go up (or down), depending on our actions and decisions.  Our brains can’t tell the difference from a real experience and one we have just imagined so imagine that you are happier and your brain will follow!

Try these 5 things today and experience more happiness!

Wishing you a day filled with more HAPPINESS!!

– Juliann


Juliann Matson copyright 2015

The Beginning…

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is it you fear most?  Is it success?  Is it failure?  Is it being alone? How about not being good enough?  Or simply…not being enough? We all have fears, it’s part of the journey of being human.  Some have more than others but everyone has them – even those who appear fearless.  In order to have a fulfilling life, one that is filled with love and joy, accomplishments and successes, we have to be willing to understand what it is we fear.  We must determine if the fear is legitimate or just holding us back.  We must be willing to face the fear head on, feeling it completely and ultimately, move through it and to the other side where our deepest fulfillment and joys lie.

Welcome to my blog and the beginning of a new journey.  This journey, in part, is to do what frightens us the most and uncover our extraodinary!  What frightens me the most?  I’m going to come completley clean with you.  Here it is: being a full-time, no backing down, embracing it completely, Life Coach.  I feel fear just writing this out!  Let me give you some background as to how long I have been running away from this fear. Finding coaching over 14 years ago, I knew it what I was meant to do.  My natural skill was apparent out of the gate and paired with a very strong intuition and ability to listen and hear deeply,  it was clear my purpose had been revealed.  The problem was that it scared me.  Like really scared me. Unconscious of this fear – it took years of unpacking why I always ran away from my practice.  At first (after realizing it was based in fear) I thought it was a fear of failure, then a fear of success.  It was not due to the inability to attract and serve clients.  Each iteration of my practice has always seemed to follow the “If you build it, they will come” model as indeed – the clients came.  And I did as promised and helped each and everyone live a better life.  They worked through their own challenges, overcame hurdles, move through fears, limiting beliefs, and all the other beautiful experiences we are given in this lifetime but ultimately, I would not continue to grow my practice and let it fade away.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

What I have come to understand, after an epic external journey that took me to places with very real danger and unimagined adventure, was that being a Life Coach with a very full and very busy practice was the biggest place I felt fear.  The kind of fear that makes one break out into a sweat and want to hide under the covers.  This came as a surprise.  Obviously I knew I was struggling with something but to identify that it was indeed fear was eye-opening!  The realization that this profession, this calling, this ability to help others, I mean truly help others, is where the anxiety, panic and many other signs of fear came out to wreak havoc.  I knew I needed to deal with the emotion that was causing such chaos in my life!  This  fear needed to be dealt with head on and felt completely.  No backing down – until it had dissappeared, only to be a distant memory.

“Never, never, never quite.” – Winston Churchill 

So, that is where you are coming in.  I am in the thick of my fear.  I am coming clean not just to my trusted inner circle but to everyone on the planet who finds their way to this.  My website is complete with an outrageously affordable and effective coaching package so that I can attract an OUTRAGEOUS number of clients, very fast.  The number?  100!  I am committed to having 100 clients at any given time for the next year.  Why so many?  To PUSH THROUGH the fear, to FACE IT COMPLETELY by being fully immersed in the energy of coaching and the excitement of helping others uncover and achieve their goals and dreams!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Come join me through this journey.  You won’t regret it and you won’t be alone in stepping up and taking control of your life and uncovering your extraordinary!